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PROFILE SUBJECT: DavidĂs Financial Corporation

APPLICATION: Video surveillance support in financial offices throughout the New York area

CHALLENGE: Finding a reliable, high-performance, yet easy-to-use digital video recording solution

SOLUTION: Mitsubishi DVRĂs were utilized and networked throughout the 20 centers, providing a user-friendly security solution

Choosing steadfast reliability and high performance capability, NYC-based DavidĂs Financial Corporation recently equipped its 20 high-volume check cashing centers with high-quality Mitsubishi DX-TL910U and DX-TL2500U digital video recorders, providing valuable surveillance support in the financial centers located throughout the New York area.

DavidĂs Financial CorporationĂs 20 check cashing facilities are positioned across the region with stores in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Rockland County. Seventeen store locations have each installed a Mitsubishi DX-TL910U DVR, a nine-video input DVR with built-in network. In addition, two larger stores as well as the main office location have each been installed with a Mitsubishi DX-TL2500U DVR, providing a total of 16 camera inputs at these store locations requiring extra surveillance support.

Greg Pagan, owner of New Jersey-based Digital Video Distributor, worked with DavidĂs Financial Corporation CFO Ira Krell to find the right security solution for the company. Krell knew his stores would benefit greatly by having a networked solution and was encouraged by the capabilities of MitsubishiĂs line of DVRs. One feature of special importance was the multi-site feature that allows the viewing of all networked locations in any grouped preset.

For example, DavidĂs Financial Corporation can define a preset such as ˘Lobbies÷ and with the touch of a button all 20 lobby camera views can be brought up on screen. The office would be able to not only view any suspicious activity, but can also monitor traffic flow in each location.

˘In addition to bringing its name brand reliability, Mitsubishi offered us a high-performance, yet easy-to-operate digital video recording solution,÷ said Krell. ˘The straightforward performance, features and reliability of these Mitsubishi DVR units has been a valuable addition to our security strategy.÷

Mitsubishi DVR technology is specifically designed to be user-friendly for installations like that of DavidĂs Financial Corporation. ˘We havenĂt had any problems with the systems in any of the 20 store locations,÷ said Greg Pagan of Digital Video Distributor. ˘The easy-to-program user software is so intuitive, there is little to no training required for these units. That ease-of-use is important to an end-user like DavidĂs because it allows them to focus on their business of financial services, as opposed to becoming quasi-security experts having to know the ins and outs of DVR technology.÷

The compact, yet durable DX-TL910U nine-channel DVR features a 250GB ű 500GB built-in hard disk drive and a 60 picture-per-second record speed. Important for companies with several store locations, the DX-TL910U network port allows remote access to live and recorded images using a PC, saving time and resources. Also networkable, the 16-channel DX-TL2500U DVR features a built-in hard drive with up to 900GB of storage and flexible recording settings, allowing various recording speeds and camera settings for maximum recording performance.

DavidĂs Financial Corporation facilities have already seen the benefits of digital video recording first hand. Since the installation of the Mitsubishi DVRs, several incidents have been caught on camera, providing valuable video information to the police investigation.

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