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COMPLETE 4 COLOR INFRA RED CAMERA SYSTEM WITH *** Mitsubishi 1280 Hour Recorder***

This system comes with all the necessary equipment that you will need to set up a complete quad video monitoring system. You will be able to view all four cameras at the same time and also record them for up to 53 Days in a single tape. This highly durable security recorder is made to operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year using standard VHS tapes at 26 different recording including 24 hour real time recording and up to an incredible speed of 1280 hour recording on a single VHS tape.
  • 4- Weatherproof Infrared Color Bullet Camera (wide angle 3.6mm lens).
  • 1-Mitsubishi 1280 Hour(53 Days) Time Lapse recorder
  • 1- Everfocus Color Dual Page Quad Processor with Power Supply
  • 1- Videology Color 14" Monitor
  • 4- 12 Volt DC Power Supplies.
  • 4- Ceiling or Wall Mounting Brackets.
  • 4- 100 Feet BNC to BNC Video Cables.

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