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Item No. : SVTRA168Price :$580.00
Replaces previous Sony recorder model SVT168E. This new recorder achieves high quality time lapse recording thanks to the incorporation of RealAction technology. Sony's RealAction technology allows the SVT-RA168 VCR to record 20 fields per second in 24-hour recording mode - that's four times as much information compared to conventional time lapse VCRs (5 fields per second). Also, for maximum quality recording at all times, the SVT-RA168 features APC (Adaptive Picture Control) - the function that automatically detects the condition of the recording head and tape and then sets the optimum recording head current to ensure clear images. With a host of new user-friendly and convenient features, the SVT-RA168 recorder will enhance the efficiency and ease of use of any CCTV system. Features: Quick Recording Check: If the REC CHECK button is pressed when recording in time-lapse mode, the tape rewinds for approximately three seconds and then plays back for another four second. Upon completion of playback, the recorder then returns to its original recoding mode. Power Failure Protection :In the event of power failure, the SVT-RA168 recorder's built-in lithium battery supplies back-up power to retain the current time and setting modes in memory for up to 30 days. Choice of Recording Modes : Auto Repeat: This feature allows the SVT-RA168 to automatically rewind the tape when it reaches its end and then re-start recording. This enables virtually continuous, unattended operation using a single tape. Auto Repeat is automatically disabled in Alarm Recording mode to safeguard against recording over an alarm event. Timer Recording: A built-in timer allows the user to set the exact recording time and recording mode in advance. TImer Recording can be preset to either weekly or daily, with holiday and daylight settings also available. You can also operate Timer Recording externally via the EXT TIMER IN Terminal. If an alarm occurs, the SVT-RA168 will initate recording as required even if it is in Standby Mode. Alarm Recording: When an alarm signal is received via the ALARM IN terminal, the recorder will automatically switch to Alarm Recording mode regardless if it is in Stop or Power-off Mode. The Alarm Recording speed and duration can be set in advance. The SVT-RA168 recorder can quickly locate and review recorded alarm segments by using one of its user friendly functions such as Alarm Scan, Alarm Recall or Alarm Search. An alarm log of up to 100 entries can be recorded* at the beginning of the tape so that, even if the tape is ejected, the data is retained on the tape and can be reviewed when needed. * This function can be disabled if desired. Series Recording: Several recoders can be cascaded to extend the total recording time. By utilizing the Series Recording function, recording can continue without interruption - as soon as one unit finishes recording, the next unit is automatically activated. Video Loss Alert: A "video loss" message is displayed on the monitor if video input signals are lost during recording. Rec Out Signal: During recording or when the recording is paused, the recorder outputs a pulse to allow users to know that the recorder is in recording mode. Alarm Recording: When alarm signal is received, VCR automatically switches to Alarm Recording mode regardless if it is in Stop or Power-off mode. Warning Signal Output: If recording is inadvertently stopped, a pulse signal is automatically generated. Tape Use Frequency Check : This feature checks and records the amount of tape used at the beginning of the tape. This function can be disabled if desired. Highlights:
  • RealAction Recording Technology - 20 fields per second
  • Maximum Recording Time - 232 hours with T-160 tape
  • APC (Adaptive Picture Control) - Clear images
  • Alarm log of up to 100 entries
  • Excellent Time/Date Search Accuracy - 10 minute increments
  • Sharpness control for crisp picture reproduction
  • RS-232C/RC-485 Interface with optional SVT-RS100 Interface Board
  • On-screen display available in English, French and Spanish
  • Built-in time and date generator
  • Quick-start mechanism for smooth operation
  • Power saving mode
  • Loop-through capability
  • Camera switcher interface

  • Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

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