PELCO ERD2200 Coaxitron Receiver Outdoor NTSC/PAL


The IRD/ERD2000 Series receiver operates all of PelcoÆs fixed speed pan/tilts and domes.

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The ERD2200 is a Coaxitron Receiver manufactured by Pelco to be able to control and operate all pan/tilt fixed speed cameras and domes. The ERD2200 coaxitron receiver is a replacement for the CX9000RX/RXI Series receiver, and comes with communication and power indicators, removable screw terminal connectors, indoor/outdoor compatibility, as well as 2 auxiliary outputs, and NTSC/PAL video formatting. The ERD2200 receiver also features support for MPT9000/9500, KBD9000, MX4000, and CM6700/6800, plus comes complete with a lockable enclosure, video transient protection, ground isolated BNC’s, and camera/lens control. This coaxitron receiver can provide use with LRD41TLC test local control modules for on-site trouble-shooting and testing of the system functions, and is designed to be user friendly for any operator.


  • Outdoor Model
  • Coaxitron Compatible, Fixed Speed
  • Pan/Tilt Control, Including Auto and Random Scan
  • Lens Control (Zoom, Focus, Iris)
  • Camera Power (24 VAC)
  • Enclosure Power
  • Two Auxiliary Outputs
  • NTSC or PAL Video
  • Test Local Control Capability
  • Ground Isolated BNCs (Eliminates Ground Loops)
  • Video Transient Protection
  • Power and Communication Indicator LEDs
  • Lockable Enclosure

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