The Genex high performance, color duplex multiplexer utilizes the latest in digital video processing technology, providing high-quality recordings and outstanding multi-camera displays. Available in 9-channel versions, Genex can multiplex up to 9 or 16 cameras for recording on a single VCR. During recording and playback any camera may be viewed independently or combined in a multi-camera display. Unlike most multiplexers, Genex contains a powerful re-sizing engine which uses patented Active Image technology to provide broadcast quality, image re-sizing for both multi-camera and zoom displays. This technology allows Genex to provide higher quality images with less aliasing. Genex allows live or recorded cameras to be displayed full-screen or combined with others in a picture-in-picture, quad, nine, or sixteen camera display. Cameras may also be displayed sequentially in either full-screen or multi-camera format. An adjustable zoom mode provides full control of digital magnification of any camera for closer examination. An advanced activity detector can prioritize cameras for faster recording and display independent of record or playback speeds. Two additional monitor outputs (Spot and AUX) can be used to display full-screen cameras manually, sequentially, or as a result of alarms and activity detection. Genex is easy to use, offers intuitive push-button controls for operation and password-protected, on-screen menus for easy system setup.

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